Ways to Replace Skateboard Bearings

After a period of time, your skateboard bearing may require more than just cleaning. At this point, it is damaged beyond repair as a result of possible rust or some other reason.

With no other option open to you than to replace it, the following are steps on how to replace skateboard bearings on your own:

1. You would have to match the bearing like for like if you intend that it should work well as it used to in the past. Visit your local skateboard shop for the replacement of your bearing. they should be able to offer you the assistance which you require.

2. With the replacement in hand, remove the wheels of your skateboard using either of a skate tool or a ratchet. Safely keep the two washers and nut which you loosed from the wheel. It is preferable to be kept in a small container or bag so you do not lose them.

3. This is followed by putting the first bearing on the edge of the axle which is located on the truck.

4. Be gentle as you pry the bearing off as slowly as you can. If you have no intention of keeping the bearings, it does not matter if you are delicate with it or not. Whatever you do, take extra caution that you do not cause any damage to the wheel in this process.

5. Having finished with the bearing process on one side, you are required to repeat the same process on the other side of the bearing too.

6. It is better that you change the bearings of the entire wheels. This way, you do not have brand new bearings on one wheel while the rest make use of an old one. Therefore, you are going to repeat the process for the other wheels.

​7. The new bearings that you bought should be dropped into the hole found on the wheel, or directly on the truck. Whichever option that you decide to apply, you would find it much simpler in attaching the bearings.

8. Having done this, put the wheel back on the truck of the skateboard. To be sure that the bearing is in place, make sure that you press it down on the wheel.

​9. At the other side of the wheel, you would need to put the bearing spacer right inside the wheel.

10. This process should be repeated in order to have the second bearing put into place.

11. To maintain stability, you would need to repeat the process mentioned above for all of the skateboard wheels.

12. Go ahead to replace the nut and wheel washers. To avoid a nasty fall accident while riding your skateboard, ensure that the nut and wheel washers are secure

13. Having done all these, your skateboard is ready to be put to good use.

Knowing how to successfully follow these steps in replacing the wheels of your skateboard would put some saving into your pocket. Besides, it is always fun to do things like this by yourself. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment.​