Krown Longboards

Krown LongboardsKrown longboards are manufactured from one of the best leading longboard marketing and manufacturing industry. The familiarity of the Krown longboard brand keeps increasing every day. Krown has longboards that are quite exciting and this has given the company some good market share. Most of these longboards are manufactured with maple and bamboo construction and are quite appropriate for any rider who is interested in rigidity, strength, and user-friendly longboards. Krown longboards have an appeal to the eye, even regardless of the fact that they are made from renewable resources.

The most impressive part about Krown longboards is the fact that all their additional components and parts can easily available and at pocket-friendly prices. Over the years, Krown longboards have come in various sizes, colors and designs so that they can effectively meet the tastes and preferences of their target market. Krown as a company has a positive reputation of being in a position to produce effective and pocket-friendly longboards than any other company. As a result of having specific products as well as impressive services, Krown longboards sales and promotion keeps increasing every day.

Below is a list of some of the leading best Krown longboards in the market that can offer the best longboarding experience ever.

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

Cruising with this longboard will for sure give you undivided attention due to its attractive colors and deck design. It has a deck that is made from Canadian maple and it measures 46 inches. As much as the board feels long when you first ride it, you then realize that its long design ensures that you do not have to push so much when cruising around. This board comes with aluminum trucks that have Abec 7 bearings. However, for the trucks to offer the best service you need to loosen them after purchase since they come when they are a bit tight. This longboard also has an added bonus of black grip tape that is meant for the top part of the longboard which is an ideal addition. This longboard also has a flex that can impress some riders.

However, this is a cruising longboard and it may not be advisable for riders who are into sliding or engaging in other longboard tricks. This longboard also has the ability to impressively curve hills and can also pick up quite an impressing speed is a very short time. This is made possible by its long length. If you are into carving hills and speeding down them, then this is the ideal longboard for you.

Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Wave Crest Pin Complete Longboard Skateboard

This longboard is the best in cruising and it also has the ability to cover very long distances. It is also an ideal choice for beginners since it is quite easy to learn and use. However, it can also come in handy for experienced riders as well. This longboard has been designed to meet all its customers’ needs, tastes and preferences. It comes with a black grip tape that id on the top part of the longboard that is meant to offer the rider maximum security. The main purpose of the black grip tape is to ensure that the riders’ shoes are in a position to properly grip the board. It also comes with 6-inch silver trucks that offer the rider maximum stability, overall quality, and smoothness. This feature gives this longboard an impeccable overall performance.

Its wheels are black 65mm 78a, these wheels offer the rider an epic stable speed and a chance to be in a position to regulate their movements. This longboard is quite easy to use, sharp and durable, offers impeccable performance, stable and stable and it is also aesthetically pleasing. It also has a 9-inch by 43-inch pintail shape. One thing you need to be aware of is that it has loose bearings and they can take quite some time to break in.

Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Purple Flame Complete Longboard Skateboard

This longboard is quite easy to learn even when you do not have someone to teach you. It also helps you cruise in impressive style. It helps in improving the rider balancing skills which are quite essential when it comes to longboarding. One of its well-known features is its pintail shape that plays a role in speed and acceleration. It has Canadian maple construction that is quite durable, hard and long-lasting. This longboard is ideal for 13 years riders who are into high-speed skating. This longboard has the ability to endure tough abuse and harsh weather. As if that is not enough, it can also handle heavy weights without breaking or bending. It also has a pintail that measures 9*43 inches. Its pintail shape design ensures that the rider in a position to increase top speed acceleration while rider.

This longboard has black 65mm 78a wheels that are ideal for cruising and riding and they perform impeccably on rough terrains. Its 6-inch silver trucks are ideal for riders who prefer longboards with tight trucks. This longboard is perfect for smooth sliding, quite light hence making it easy to handle, ideal for high-speed riding and it also has an attractive design.


All longboards have their own unique features and creativity. Krown longboards are known for their innovative feature and they are also quite ideal for beginners and experts as well. If you are a rider who is into longboards that are a complete package of innovation and enthusiasm then Krown longboards are just the ideal choice. However, before you purchase any longboard you need to be conversant about what it best does and ensure that your needs match the uses. This will make sure that you buy the best longboard that meets your taste, needs, preferences, passion, and price limit.

When it comes to Krown longboards you are assured of a longboard that has the ability to meet all your expectations. This is made possible by the fact that Krown manufactures an array of products with an aim of meeting the different tastes and preferences of its target market. Krown longboards are simply longboards that any skater would want to experience. Lastly, as much as these longboards offer security, you as the rider have to ensure that you follow all the safety rules and regulations that pertain to longboarding. You also need to make sure that you ride in environments you have expertise in.