How to Clean Longboard Wheels

When your longboard wheels get blocked up with bits of dirt, you would be required to clean it up. This happens to be an easy process which involves some disassembling in addition to a safe cleaning solution. The process involves:

1. Disassembling The Longboard: You would have to disassemble the wheels from the longboard. Make sure that you keep all the parts together to avoid looking for them during reassembly.

2. The next thing which you would have to do is remove the bearings from the wheels. This process is similar to opening a bottle top with a bottle opener. Employ this process to remove all of the bearings.

Separate the wheels from the wheel bearings. A bearing spacer would fall out from the wheel's center. It should be kept safely since it would have to be reassembled later.

3. Take a look at the surface of the wheels and wipe it with a rock. If there are any gravel and the likes, pry them out with your fingers.

4. Go ahead to soak the wheels in a large container filled with soapy water. Make sure that they soak in this soapy water for approximately 10 minutes. The bearings should not be soaked at all.

5. After a period of 10 minutes in the soapy water, bring out the wheels and wipe it down with a soft bristled toothbrush or a soft rag. This should remove debris and dirt. Also, clean the inner part of the wheels to remove any trapped dirt.

6. The next step is to have the bearings cleaned. It begins by using a razor blade to pry a bearing shield from its bearing. This has to be done gently in order to avoid damaging the shield. While some bearings have shields on both sides, others have only one shield.

7. Soak the bearings with a citrus cleaner because it offers the safest choice. You may decide to spray each bearing separately or have it wiped down.

You may also opt to soak it in a small container containing a citrus cleaner or a bearing cleaning kit. You can get a bearing cleaning kit in a skate shop.

A bearing cleaning kit allows you to shake the small container to disperse the cleaning solution. You may decide to soak or spray the bearings. Use a hair dryer or a compressed air camp to dry the bearings further to prevent the formation of rust inside the bearings.

8. As soon as the bearings dry, lubricate them with lubricants which work well for longboard bearings like electronic oil, skateboarding oils, or sewing machine oils. they work really well because of their thinness.

Make sure that any excess lubricant is wiped off using a paper towel which is clean. Rather than an excess of lubricant, it is better to have less. Avoid making use of vegetable oil, olive oil, or motor oil as a lubricant.

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9. Place the bearing shield back over the bearing and snap it back into place with your thumbs. If a bearing has two shields, do not forget to place the second one too. The shield would ensure that the bearings remain lubricated and protected.

10. Now is the time to reassemble the bearings back to the wheels after cleaning both of them. Make sure that you snap everything back into place.

11. Reattach each of the wheels back to the longboard and your longboard is ready for use.