How to Clean Longboard Wheels

When your longboard wheels get blocked up with bits of dirt, you would be required to clean it up. This happens to be an easy process which involves some disassembling in addition to a safe cleaning solution. The process involves:

1. Disassembling The Longboard: You would have to disassemble the wheels from the longboard. Make sure that you keep all the parts together to avoid looking for them during reassembly.

2. The next thing which you would have to do is remove the bearings from the wheels. This process is similar to opening a bottle top with a bottle opener. Employ this process to remove all of the bearings.

Separate the wheels from the wheel bearings. A bearing spacer would fall out from the wheel's center. It should be kept safely since it would have to be reassembled later.

3. Take a look at the surface of the wheels and wipe it with a rock. If there are any gravel and the likes, pry them out with your fingers.

4. Go ahead to soak the wheels in a large container filled with soapy water. Make sure that they soak in this soapy water for approximately 10 minutes. The bearings should not be soaked at all.

5. After a period of 10 minutes in the soapy water, bring out the wheels and wipe it down with a soft bristled toothbrush or a soft rag. This should remove debris and dirt. Also, clean the inner part of the wheels to remove any trapped dirt.

6. The next step is to have the bearings cleaned. It begins by using a razor blade to pry a bearing shield from its bearing. This has to be done gently in order to avoid damaging the shield. While some bearings have shields on both sides, others have only one shield.

7. Soak the bearings with a citrus cleaner because it offers the safest choice. You may decide to spray each bearing separately or have it wiped down.

You may also opt to soak it in a small container containing a citrus cleaner or a bearing cleaning kit. You can get a bearing cleaning kit in a skate shop.

A bearing cleaning kit allows you to shake the small container to disperse the cleaning solution. You may decide to soak or spray the bearings. Use a hair dryer or a compressed air camp to dry the bearings further to prevent the formation of rust inside the bearings.

8. As soon as the bearings dry, lubricate them with lubricants which work well for longboard bearings like electronic oil, skateboarding oils, or sewing machine oils. they work really well because of their thinness.

Make sure that any excess lubricant is wiped off using a paper towel which is clean. Rather than an excess of lubricant, it is better to have less. Avoid making use of vegetable oil, olive oil, or motor oil as a lubricant.

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9. Place the bearing shield back over the bearing and snap it back into place with your thumbs. If a bearing has two shields, do not forget to place the second one too. The shield would ensure that the bearings remain lubricated and protected.

10. Now is the time to reassemble the bearings back to the wheels after cleaning both of them. Make sure that you snap everything back into place.

11. Reattach each of the wheels back to the longboard and your longboard is ready for use.

Ways to Replace Skateboard Bearings

After a period of time, your skateboard bearing may require more than just cleaning. At this point, it is damaged beyond repair as a result of possible rust or some other reason.

With no other option open to you than to replace it, the following are steps on how to replace skateboard bearings on your own:

1. You would have to match the bearing like for like if you intend that it should work well as it used to in the past. Visit your local skateboard shop for the replacement of your bearing. they should be able to offer you the assistance which you require.

2. With the replacement in hand, remove the wheels of your skateboard using either of a skate tool or a ratchet. Safely keep the two washers and nut which you loosed from the wheel. It is preferable to be kept in a small container or bag so you do not lose them.

3. This is followed by putting the first bearing on the edge of the axle which is located on the truck.

4. Be gentle as you pry the bearing off as slowly as you can. If you have no intention of keeping the bearings, it does not matter if you are delicate with it or not. Whatever you do, take extra caution that you do not cause any damage to the wheel in this process.

5. Having finished with the bearing process on one side, you are required to repeat the same process on the other side of the bearing too.

6. It is better that you change the bearings of the entire wheels. This way, you do not have brand new bearings on one wheel while the rest make use of an old one. Therefore, you are going to repeat the process for the other wheels.

​7. The new bearings that you bought should be dropped into the hole found on the wheel, or directly on the truck. Whichever option that you decide to apply, you would find it much simpler in attaching the bearings.

8. Having done this, put the wheel back on the truck of the skateboard. To be sure that the bearing is in place, make sure that you press it down on the wheel.

​9. At the other side of the wheel, you would need to put the bearing spacer right inside the wheel.

10. This process should be repeated in order to have the second bearing put into place.

11. To maintain stability, you would need to repeat the process mentioned above for all of the skateboard wheels.

12. Go ahead to replace the nut and wheel washers. To avoid a nasty fall accident while riding your skateboard, ensure that the nut and wheel washers are secure

13. Having done all these, your skateboard is ready to be put to good use.

Knowing how to successfully follow these steps in replacing the wheels of your skateboard would put some saving into your pocket. Besides, it is always fun to do things like this by yourself. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment.​

How to Paint Your Skateboard

If you want to have a unique-looking skateboard, you would need to learn how to paint your skateboard in order to give it a design of your own. The following are steps which would help you achieve this:

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1. Make sure you do not mind ruining the clothes which you are wearing. Also, place a drop cloth or tarp on any surface which you want to protect. This should be your work area. The area should be well ventilated to avoid a spray paint's fumes building up to become toxic.

2. Remove and place both trucks of a board at a safe place.

3. Place your board which is now truckless upside down at your workplace. Use an electric sander and a 40-grit sandpaper to remove the original design which is on the board. After it is cleared, use a 150-grit sandpaper to smoothen it. The process of smoothing should not take more than 5 minutes. Make sure that you wear a protective gear to protect your eyes, lungs, and throat.

4. Use a stiff bristle brush to clear any sawdust remaining which may cause an irregularity in your painting. Do not use any brush which may damage the board's.

5. If there are cracks, or any other visible damage found on your board, repair it.

6. If the repaired area requires some drying, allow it to dry before using a 150-grit sandpaper to sand the repaired area of your board. This should not take up to 5 minutes.

7. Tape the top side screw holes and sides of your deck to prevent paint from dripping along the grip and sides of the board.​

8. Follow the directions of your primer as you apply it to the deck. Keep a reasonable distance from the board as you apply the primer. An aerosol primer may be the best option. Wait for the first layer to dry befor applying it a second time in order to get a better surface. Remember to wear a dust mask and a protective eye-wear as you spray the paint.​

9. After the second layer of primer cost dries, use your 150-grit sandpaper to re-sand the deck as a way of smoothening the primer coat. Rub gently to remove any irregularities. To be doubly sure, use a dampened lint to do a final pass across your board and allow it to dry.​

10. To prevent defects in your paint use a tack coat to wipe on your primer. Use the one that matches the kind of spray paint which you want to use.​

11. What you would use to apply the layers of paint are a series of stencils.

12.The unpainted areas would form the design of your board.

13. Have a blueprint of the job which you want to paint beforehand to avoid making a mistake when you begin painting.

14. Be sure to label the colors of what you design on the blueprint.

15. If applicable, create your stencils. This would not be necessary if you use a tape to create your designs on a board.​

16. Spray your base color on the board. It would form the background layer for your tensiled designs. Follow the instructions provided on your aerosol paint a you completely cover the sanded bottom of the board with an even layer of paints. Allow the first layer of paint to dry before applying the next one.​

17. After attaching your stencil or tape design on the board, spray the second layer of paint. Make sure that you spray the entire bottom in order to get an even application. Let the paint dry after applying it.

18. Carefully remove your stencils or tape after it dries.

19. low a minimum of 24 hours for the paint to dry and set before smoothing the finished design with a 220-grit sandpaper. Wipe the sawdust with a damp cloth. Give it a further 15 minutes before the tape on the sides.

20. Reattach your trucks and you a unique skateboard to ride.

6 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Longboard

6 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Longboard

When it comes to choosing the right longboard for your longboarding encounters there are quite a number of factors that you may need to consider alongside the factors that meet the eye. Longboards come in various features, construction, and shapes and they are also designed for different riding abilities and styles. Outlined is a list of factors you may need to consider when it comes to choosing the right longboard.

Ability Level

Longboards in most cases are designed according to one’s riding level. There are even longboards designed in styles, setups and shapes meant for various riding levels. You need to be sure about your riding level so that you can get the ideal longboard for you. The shape of the longboard that you select entirely depends on your ability level as well as the style of riding.

Styles of Riding

When it comes to longboarding, there are quite a number of riding styles. The best part about it all is that there are different longboards for various riding styles. So, you need to be conversant with your riding style or styles so that you can be sure of choosing the right longboard that perfectly fits your riding style. Various riding styles include cruising/carving, downhill, freeride and freestyle.

Board shapes

There are two main longboard shapes in the market: directional- these are longboards that are meant for only one direction, forward and twin/symmetrical-these are longboards that feel the same no matter the direction that they are facing. You need to know the shape you prefer for your longboard for you to select the right longboard for you.

Deck Styles

Deck styles are essential in determining the stability of a longboard, how easy foot braking will be and how easy you can push the longboard on flat ground. The higher the deck, the higher the center of gravity hence lowers stability. The lower the deck the lower the center of gravity hence increases stability. You need to be sure of the deck style you prefer for you to select the right longboard for you. Various deck styles include top mount, drop through, drop deck, and double drop.

Board Features

Longboards come with various shape features that offer specific riding specifications and also help clarify a longboards ideal use. You need to be sure of the board features you prefer for you to select the best longboard for you. Various longboard features include kick tail, wheel cut-outs, concave, and w-concave.

Board Length/Wheelbase

Board length or rather wheelbase length mainly plays the major role of board stability and turning. Long longboards offer more stability as compared to shorter longboards.


Alongside the factors listed above, other factors that you need to put into consideration so as to select the right longboard include board construction, board flex, longboard trucks and longboard wheels. All these factors are essential in selecting the ideal longboard for you. Before you embark on longboard shopping make sure you know exactly what you want. This is the only way you can be in a position to select the right longboard for your longboarding encounter.

Best Longboards for Girls

Best Longboards for GirlsAs much as longboarding may seem like a male dominated activity, there are quite a number of girl riders out there who are dominating the streets with their amazing longboarding skills. As much as it can be quite hard for a lady to pick up the right longboard to use, there are longboards that can fit ladies’ preferences. You can never find longboards in the market specifically designed for ladies, but there are quite a number of longboards ladies can use. They come in colors, setups, sizes and even graphics that best fit any ladies taste and preferences when it comes to longboards. Which longboards are the best for girls has been one of the hardest questions most sports equipment sellers have had to answer. However, this does not have to be the case anymore since outlined are a few longboards that are the best for ladies. However, when it comes to selecting the best longboard there are various qualities you must put into consideration. These qualities include smooth bearings, durability, big soft wheels and price of course. You also need to consider if you are a beginner or an already experienced skater. Check out the longboards below and decide which longboard can best fit your style, taste and preference.

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

This skateboard is a 44-inch artisan longboard made from bamboo. It is also made of a multi-ply hardwood maple as well as an attractive artisan bamboo deck. It has rugged trucks that are aluminum made and measure around 7-inches. It has 70mm wheels that are designed for durability. This skate board measures 44*9*43 inches. It has an item display weight of 10 pounds and a shipping weight of 8.2 pounds and it is 44-inches in size. It
also has a duro-meter wheel that allows the rider to break the grip whenever necessary.

The best part about this skate board is the fact that it offers a smooth riding even when you have not yet changed the bearings this is as a result of its epic gel wheels. It is also quite an easy skateboard to maneuver. It is also one of the most preferred skateboards for both beginners and pros as well. It has a plain bottom without any designs but it is still quite impeccable. Its bearing offers the rider good and bearable speed. However, for you to enjoy going down and up any hills you have to make sure you tighten its trucks. It is made of good quality materials hence making it one of the most durable skateboards in the market.

Atom Pintail Longboard

Atom Pintail Longboard

This skateboard has a classic deck shape that ensures that the rider does not get wheel bite even when they are curving their hardest through turns. It has a total weight of 7.3 pounds, a deck weight of 4 pounds and a deck width of 9.4 inches. Its deck is also stiff maple laminated. Its entire length from axle-to-axle is 39 inches and it is also made from PHT graphic material. This standard skateboard has trucks that are aluminum polished. It also has an aluminum base and hanger chromoly axle that measures 8.5-inches in width. Its chromoly king pins measure 0.375 inches and have a 90A-HR suspension. Its hubs are also made of polycarbonate, has 22-milimeter bearings and 7A wheels that measure 65 millimeters.

This skateboard has dimensions of 39*10*4 inches and has a shipping weight of 7.2 pounds. Its bottom has an attractive design, it also offers quite a smooth ride and it is also quite easy to control. This skate board is highly recommended for beginners, pros and for skaters who just love spending most of their time on their boards. The best part about his skateboard is the fact that it has awesome trucks and a deck that is simply top quality.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

This skateboard id highly recommended for professional longboard riders. It has Q-Ball wheels with a measurement of 70*52 millimeter and a hardness of 78A. Its trucks are HD7 heavy duty. It also has a hanger that measures 180 millimeters and an alloy made of pure aluminum. It also has Abec-7 chrome bearings. This skateboard has a 33 inches wheel base and it is made of a 9-ply maple. This skateboard is one of the most unique skateboards since its deck is lower at the center, right where it has the trucks mounted. This helps in lowering your center of gravity so as to enhance your stability when it comes to high speeds. This feature makes this skateboard the most preferred for high speed-boarding. The best part about this skateboard is the fact that even when in high speed it does not wobble.

This skateboard has a shipping weight of 11 pounds. You can comfortable ride it in the rain and even in the snow; it is simply a board that meets all the longboard riders’ expectations. However, when it comes to the stock bearings you may need to replace them. As much as they work just fine replacing can be a good idea especially if you engage in high speeds.

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

Krown Sunset City Surf Longboard Skateboard

This is one of the most popular longboards due to its pintail shape. It is Canadian maple constructed and it has product dimensions of 9*46 inches and a wheelbase of 27 inches. One of a few other components that pair with this longboard includes 6.0 aluminum alloy trucks that have Abec 7 bearings and black shiny wheels measuring 70mm. The strong black grip tape on this longboard also makes it be one of the best longboards in the market. The best part about the wheels on this longboard is the fact that they are quite tough and durable as well. These wheels can allow a rider to comfortably ride or cruise on any ground, whether rough or smooth without much difficult.
This longboard can be used by longboarding beginners since it is quite easy to learn as well as handle. However, it can also be used by longboarding pros since it has the ability to offer a cruising or riding experience any longboarding pro would anticipate. It is, however, advisable that the wheels on this longboard are quite tight and one may actually need to adjust to them by doing some practice before actually hitting the roads with your longboard.


When it comes to settling for the best longboard for girls you may need to identify your style since there are various longboards suitable for various styles. There are longboards for beginners, cruisers, down hillers, free riders, dancing, and so much more. You need to be sure about the purpose of your longboard if you want to select the best longboard. Alongside identifying the exact use of your longboard, there is also one more factor you must consider; durability. When it comes to durability, this concerns every part of the longboard. Durable longboard wheels have to be big and soft as well. Durable bearings are the best especially for beginners since they lower the beginners learning curve.

As much as there are quite a number of things ladies have to put into consideration when it comes to selecting the ideal longboard, once you identify the best longboard you can be sure of an experience you will never forget. The joy of comfortably riding a comfortable longboard cannot be compared to any other feeling. So, when it comes to selecting an ideal longboard, take all the time you may need and do thorough research before settling for any longboard. With that you can be assured of the best longboard riding experience.