Atom Longboards

Longboards are longer versions of skateboards and they are in most cases used for slalom, transportation or downhill racing. However, a longboard is more stable as compared to a skateboard; this is due to the fact that longboards have a wider and longer base.

This, in the end, makes riding on a longboard more safe and comfortable as compared to riding on a skateboard. However, their weight makes it slightly difficult to perform the tricks one can perform while on a skateboard. But for a longboard rider who is into tricks, they can still serve the purpose since longboards contribute to a specific fluid motion by offering more momentum. Longboards roll further than a skateboard by just as a push with the foot.

This results in many people opting to go for longboards when it comes to cruising on sidewalks and streets. Most longboard riders compare longboarding to surfing on plain concrete and when it comes to size, longboards allow the rider to comfortably make short quick curves as well as big turns just like is the case with surfboards.

There are various brands of longboards, with atom longboards being one of the best. Atom longboards are most preferred by riders due to the fact that they are durable, stable and sturdy. Atom longboards are also one of the best brands when it comes to various longboarding techniques.


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Atom Pintail Longboard

This is one of the best entry-level longboards and it also has a pocket-friendly price tag. It

has a traditional pin-deck shape that ensures that the rider does not have to keep worrying about wheel bite. It also has a pintail design responsible for ensuring that the rider is in a position to comfortably make sharp curves even when downhill racing.

It measures 39 inches from axle-to-axle and an axle width of 8.5 inches. It is made of PHT graphic material and it has a total weight of 7.3 pounds. It has a stiff maple well-laminated deck that has a width of 9.4 inches and a weight of 4 pounds. It runs comfortably on 65 millimeter 7A wheels that contain 22-millimeter bearings.

Other specs that this longboard entails include Chromoly King Pin measuring 0.375 inches, poly-carbonate hubs, an aluminum oxide grip tape that is 80 grit, an effective 90A-HR suspension, and a standard skate with well polished 8.5 inches aluminum trucks. This longboard is advisable for riders in any longboarding skill levels since it is quite easy to learn as well as handle. However, if you are looking for an ideal beginner longboard, this is just the board for you.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

This is one of the longboards that riders prefer due to the fact that it combines quite a number of essentials that longboard riders term as useful especially when it comes to entry level riders.

This longboard is ideal for long distance transportation, downhill racing as well as a cruise around town. The stability on this longboard enables even beginners to comfortably and safely ride downhill even at high speeds.

This board has one of the best look, high flexibility, and maneuverability levels that make riding on this board quite a reliable endeavor. This is a longboard that riders can entirely rely on regardless of the situation. This longboard is ideal for any rider due to the fact that is uncomplicated and it also has high-quality features and very consistent performance.

This longboard has a full maple laminated deck, Reverse King Pin trucks that have a 500 base and 180 millimeters hangers, Atom Area 51 78A-SHR wheels that have a diameter of 70 millimeters; a width of 51 millimeters and well-fitted with Abec 9 bearings that contain a high-speed lubricant. It also has a 46-course grit grip.

What makes this longboard one of the best in the market is the fact that it is low-deck in height hence it is quite stable even for a beginning rider.

Atom Lowrider Longboard

This longboard is a carving board that is quite a low profile. The fact that its low profile makes this longboard quite easy to control hence can be an ideal choice for beginning riders.

Not only does being low profile make this longboard easy control for beginners, it also gives them some kind of security when it comes to stability since the deck is not far off the ground.

This longboard is made from top quality materials. It is mainly a longboard that is designed for carving along streets.

It has a deck that is 9-ply maple. Its deck has an overall length of 38.6 inches and overall width of 9.6 inches. It also has an attractive pintail deck design. It has an overall weight of 7.3 pounds and an overall length of 38.6 inches.

Other Atom Lowrider Longboard specs include 78A 70 millimeters wheels that have Abec 5 bearings measuring 8*22 millimeters. Its truck types are Standard Skate.

This is a longboard that simply gives you a chance to go out, have maximum fun carving up in the streets. It is a board that can be used by any skill level rider since it is quite stable when riding, easy to learn as well as handle. However, it is one of the longboards best suited for beginners.

Atom 95X Mountainboard

This longboard is one of the best longboards when it comes to adult/teen recreational. It has All Terrain Skate trucks that have F1 bindings. These bindings are ideal for small feet.

This longboard also has Diamond Tread tires that measure 8 inches. It has an overall weight of 7kgs, an overall length of 43.4 inches (109.7cm) and an axle length of 34.3 inches (89.5cm) axle-to-axle. It also has a deck overall length of 38.3 inches (97.2cm) and it is also fully maple laminated.

It also has a deck tip angle measuring 200 and a truck width measuring 15.5 inches (39.4cm). Its deck also comes with an effective V4 brake kit with an axle OD measuring 9.5 millimeters and bearings measuring 9.5*22 millimeters. The deck is also made from a graphic material (PHT) and has an effective 46 grit aluminum-oxide grip tape.

This longboard is ideal for all sorts of riders in all skill levels, this is due to the fact that it is quite safe, easy to learn as well as handle.

The best part about this longboard is the fact that it is even ideal for beginners who are interested in experiencing mountain boarding in all angles; this is because the longboard has an already-installed brake system that ensures the safety of the rider.

Outlined are various longboarding techniques that you can comfortably perform with atom longboards.

i. Air Brake

Air braking is when the rider stands upright on their longboard, as tall as they can with their arms widely stretched out so as to be in a position to catch as much wind resistance as they can. This perfectly works when the rider is at high speed.

ii. Foot Brake

Foot braking is where the rider puts one foot on the road and uses the other one to balance on the board. This is the best technique for a rider who wants to stop or reduce speed.

iii. Drifting

Drifting is when the rider loses traction around a turn just to impress spectators or even to reduce speed.

Drifting is also commonly used by riders when downhill racing, especially when they have to negotiate a turn at a high speed or a turn that is too tight to turn. Drifting also tends to occur accidentally when a rider is carving.

iv. Carving

Carving is one of the best techniques a rider can use to control speed, especially when engaging in downhill encounters. Carving is achieved by a rider making continuous “S” paths and the same time leaning right and left instead of making a stop. The more the turns the more the rider is in a position to control as well as maintain speed.

v. Board Walking

Board walking best applies for riders with long longboards. It involves the rider moving one foot behind or in front while as the other foot is cross-stepping (up and down) on the deck. Board walking can involve various variations but this entirely depends on the rider’s imagination.

Other board walking technique variations include jumping, turns, hoping and twists.

vi. Slide Brake

Slide braking is common with downhill riders. Slide braking involves the rider turning their board sideways into a totally controlled slide so as to stop.

However, for a rider to use slide braking to stop they need not to be at high speed.

When it comes to various longboarding techniques, all you have to do is ensure that you are totally conversant with them before trying them out in unsafe areas. Below is a list of some of the best atom longboards in the market.


As much as longboarding is one of the best and most entertaining activity one can engage in, it is advisable to be aware of all the possible risks that can come with longboarding as well as how to avoid them.

For riders who are into downhill encounters, it is advisable for them to always wear protective gear and padding just in case of an accident due to the high-risk speeds involved in downhill longboarding.

When it comes to longboarding on the streets, riders are advised to be as considerate as they can; watch out for any vehicles driving from driveways, beware not to destroy any private or public property and also watch out for people especially small children since they may not be aware of the kind of damage you can cause to them.

In some areas where longboarding is prohibited in public areas, you can consider riding your longboard during the night. However, this should only apply to well-lit streets.

Lastly, it is advisable to inquire about any laws that talk about longboard riding in your area before you go riding, this will help you stay away from trouble as well as help you know which are legal areas in your area where longboarding is permitted.