Best Longboards Brands – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Longboards are slowly becoming quite popular since more and more people are becoming more interested with longboards. Regardless of our skating skills, longboards are quite appealing since learning how to ride one is quite easy and does not demand so much time.

It does not really matter why you desire to own a longboard; it could be to ease your commuting to school or for your favorite downhill racing activity.

There is a specific longboard for you. Longboards are mostly used for transportation or downhill racing. The best part about longboards is the fact that they are designed in various shapes that are compatible with various needs.

One main advantage that longboards have over regular skateboards is the availability of decks. Decks are quite essential when it comes to easy maneuvering.

Longboards are also easy to carry around as well as store as compared to regular skateboards.

There are quite a number of longboards in the market today, which is an advantage for those who know what they really want when it comes to longboards.

However, for someone who is not conversant with longboards, selecting one of the best longboards can be quite a challenge. Outlined are a few of the longboard reviews in the market that can offer the longboard buying guide.

Best Longboards 2017 : Recommendation

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop Through Complete Longboard Skateboard

This is one of the best longboards since it rides on one of the best chargers; 10”Gullwing chargers. The wheels also have one of the best reputations when it comes to performance since they are equipped with 74mm 78A.

These longboards also have top-quality wheels since they come with Abec (PDP) 5 bearings. These longboards are technically effective and free ride capable as well. This is due to the fact that they have a drop through mounting. The wheels measure 74mm and are 78 duro, hence making them quite stable.

These longboards are made of 5 ply bamboo that is positioned vertically and laminated as well.

These longboards have a length of 42 inches, a width of 9.6 inches, a wheelbase of 31.5 inches and a weight of 7 pounds.

The trucks these longboards come with hold quite well and they are quite durable as well.

One other feature that makes this longboard one of the best in the market is the fact that, as much as this longboard is a cruiser, it also works quite well on hills. It is also one of the best longboards that you can ever use for sliding since you should never expect to get speed wobbles nor crash even when doing 25 miles/hr.

Sector 9 Natasha Downhill Division 40” Drop Through Complete Longboard

This longboard comfortably rides on 10 inches Gullwing charger II’s. It comes with 72mm well endorsed race formula wheels that are well equipped with Abec (PDP) 5 bearings and a Jessup grip tape for maximum stability throughout your longboarding experience.

It also has a drop through mounting that has a suitable wheelbase for both technical and freeride riding purposes. The best part about this longboard is the fact that it is top mount capable.

This means that it has an additional grip, if you so desire its slim waist is in a position to perfectly hold your weight and at the same time maintain stability whenever need be. With this longboard, you can be assured of one of the best down-hilling experiences ever.

It measures 4.8*11.4*46 inches and weighs around 10.75 pounds. These longboards are quite easy to ride on since they are well built and they feel quite strong whenever you are on them.

They also serve their hill racing purpose quite well making them an ideal and beneficial buy. As much as this longboard is designed for hill racing it is also quite effective for transportation purposes. Not only is it recommended for longboarding veterans, someone new to the whole longboarding world can also use this longboard.

Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

These impeccable longboards effectively ride on 9 inches Gullwing Sidewinder II’s. They are also equipped with 78A sector 9 high quality wheels measuring 69mm.

These longboards are the best for people who desire having longboards that have a longer wheelbase for comfortable cruising and at the same time in a position to engage in tight turns, this is due to the fact that these longboards have impeccable fractal length.

As much as these longboards have the exact feel a longboard should have they also have the ability to produce tight lines and curves. They are made of 8 ply maple that has a CNC drop-through mounting.

This longboard measures 6*10*41 inches and it has a weight of 7 pounds making it quite easy to carry it around. The best part about this longboard is the fact that once you have purchased it, you do not have to fine tune anything for it to run effectively.

It comes ready to offer one of the best longboarding experiences to its rider. It is also the best in terms of agility and speed and has some epic graphics that give it just the desired appeal. This longboard is solidly built for safety purposes and has strong and stable wheels for comfortability purposes.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Free Ride Complete Longboard

This longboard has a length of 36 inches, a width of 9.0 inches, a wheelbase of 26.375 inches and a weight of 6.9 pounds. This longboard ensures that all longboards features are put into perspective since it has a Sidewinder truck set-up that ensures that its rider has an easy time when it comes to wrapping around corners and turning on dimes.

It also has a length that has quite an advantage when it comes to offering maximum stability when engaging in fast downhill experiences.

These longboards have epic Gullwing Sidewinder truck that offers high-quality slides and turns and at the same time ensuring that response is right below your feet. The wheels are also equipped with Abec (sector 9) 5 bearings.

What makes this longboard one of the best in the market is the fact that it offers the best experience when it comes to maneuverability. When in need of a perfect cruising experience all you have to do is slightly tighten the trucks.

Its epic speed, as well as carving, is as a result of its flat aerodynamic design. These longboards also have impressive designs and graphics. Whether you are at the beginners, intermediate or advanced levels of longboarding, this is an ideal choice.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom happens to be quite a renowned name when it comes to top-quality longboards brands. Most people prefer this longboard due to its impeccable quality.

It has a body that is entirely covered with bamboo and on top of the bamboo; it also comes in various graphic designs making it one of the most stylish longboards in the market. It comes with 400 base truck, reverse King Pin trucks that have 245-milimeter axles so as to ensure that the rider experiences a comfortable cruise through bends and carves.

This longboard is also ideal for downhill encounters since it is ultra-low-riding. It is quite easy to push this longboard around, so you can be assured of minimal expenses when it comes to wear and tear. It also has a unique perimeter shape that offers ideal 9.5-inch leverage when it comes to turns and at the same time getting rid of wheel bite.

This longboard has dimensions of 10.63*4.72*41.73 inches and a weight of 10.14 pounds. However, it is advisable to grease or lube its pivot cups so as to get rid of any annoying screeching sounds when you lean to make a turn. This longboard is ideal for both beginners as well as pros.

Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard

This longboard comes in an impressive Canadian 8-ply maple construction available in various modern and techy shapes as well as designs. What makes this longboard an ideal choice for most riders who purposely look for speed and low center when it comes to gravity is its drop through shape.

It also has a through mounted that shape that comes fully equipped with wheels measuring 71mm, 7.0 reverse King Pin trucks as well as effective speed bearings.

Through mounted shaped longboards are slowly becoming popular as a far as longboarding is concerned due to the fact that they offer quite an epic riding experience.

This is due to the fact that they offer a low center of gravity hence making them quite stable when at high speed quite easy for sliding.

This longboard weighs around 7.27 pounds. It has a small deck that makes it quite easy to handle since it feels quite lights.

It is also one of the best longboards when it comes to sliding. However, you need to be cautioned about its grip tape since it wears easily. It is advisable to consider replacing it often if you ride your longboard often.

This longboard also comes with impressive deck artwork.krown longboards is a solid longboard on the market.


Longboarding is one of the best fun filled activities one could ever engage in. most people love longboarding not only for the fun it offers but for other benefits it brings along. These benefits include helping you cover short distances in a relatively short duration of time and the fact that longboarding enhances cardio activity which is quite healthy for the body. When it comes to buying longboards all you have to do is:

a) Ensure that you look for the best longboard brands

b) Identify why exactly you require a longboard

c) Focus on the shape of the longboard, since various longboard shapes are for different purposes

d) Identify the length you require since length also plays a great role in selecting the best longboard

e) Focus on the width, flex, and design all depending on the purpose of your longboard

With the rate at which longboarding is slowly becoming popular, there are quite a number of different longboards in the market meant to meet the needs of the ever-growing longboards market.

With the help of the detailed list of longboards mentioned above, you can be sure to settle for the best longboards that best fits your all longboarding needs.